Monoova is launching a new client portal

What’s changing, and why?

Over the past few months, we’ve been working on improvements focusing on the user journey. And we’re ready to release a whole new user interface that gives you better experience: better UI, better UX, more secure.

When will I see this?

We are launching in mid-October. The exact date will be provided in the next update.

What do I need to do?

You will receive an email from prompting you to reset your Portal access password when we launch.

New and updated features

Multi-group structure

You can be part of multiple companies/groups. If you are working on multiple projects or providing development work for multiple companies, this feature enables you to switch between different projects/ groups. You can be part of multiple groups. If you are working with different companies, you can create multiple virtual accounts under a group (company). As an admin of the group, you can create multiple groups in sandbox. You can default the group you mainly work on under manage> group to speed up the login process.
As an admin of the group, you can create multiple groups in sandbox. You can default the group you mainly work on under manage> group to speed up the login process.

Separate logins for developer and business portal

You can now have different sets of login credentials for the developer and business Portals to avoid confusion between the two accounts. Of course, if you want, you can always keep using the same set.

Segregation of rights

1. Environment: In the sandbox environment, developers are granted all rights automatically so that they can try out all functionalities and features. By contrast, in the production environment, developers are restricted to “developers right” to maintain the account if needed.
2. Groups and accounts: We introduce segregation of rights in different groups and accounts depending on the role of the users. This means that one and the same individual can have different types of rights associated with different accounts.

Mobile Responsive screens

Apart from using your computer, you can also access the Portal using your mobile phone and tablet. We have ensured that screens respond to the type of device you are using to give you the best possible experience. Please note that some features will require you to access on your computer.

Actions that have moved

We have kept all existing features, but with a different experience.


Previously, transaction details were under FINANCIALS. Now, you can find the 10 most recent transactions in the dashboard and transactions within the last month in ACTIVITY in the new Portal. For previous transactions, please refer to REPORTS.

Statements/ Reports

Previously, statements and reports were under FINANCIALS. Now, you find them under REPORTS.

Direct Entry

Just like before, direct-entry file upload is under PAY. You find it under BULK FILE UPLOAD., Only users with “payments” right can perform this action. You find direct-entry details under ACTIVITY. Previously, they were under PAY.


Previously, returns were under PAY.. Now, you find them under ACTIVITY. Only users with “dishonours” right can view dishonours. If you would like to retry a transaction, you will need “payments” rights to do so.


You can now manage accounts and users under MANAGE. You can also roll your API key under MANAGE ACCOUNTS. You can invite users, add an account and create group here if you have the right.

Permissions and Rights

When granting rights to users, we recommend giving minimal rights. We suggest the following rights to the following parties:

Developers: developer
CTO: roll key and developer
CEO/ COO: admin, payments, reports and dishonours
Accounts team: payments and reports
Ops team: reports and dishonours

Of course, these are just suggestions and for your business something else might work better. You can also set up multiple accounts and limit users within your group to specific individual accounts. For example, you can set up a payroll account and only allow certain users to access that. Chat to us if you need assistance.

We also allow whitelisting and blacklisting of accounts. Contact us for more information.
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