Market leading payment solutions

Market leading payment solutions
for Real-estate


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Manage all incoming and outgoing payments using APIs


Choose how you receive, manage and pay funds in real-time with NPP - New Payments Platform


Our Automatcher feature automatically reconciles payments for you


Integrate through our proprietary single API  & portal to control it all

Case study - Real-time payments for your customers

We know each organisation has their own challenges & goals. Our intuitive solutions can be tailored to meet your requirements. As a starting point, we can support you across the following activities:

  • Managing high volumes of transactions from a large community of customers
  • Managing high volume of customer transactions via different payment methods:
    Direct Debit | Bpay | CreditCard | NPP | DirectCredit
  • Delays in incoming or outgoing payments being cleared due to a range of banks & other financial entities in the payment eco-system
  • Managing credits to individual customers or businesses due to accidental overpayments of rents, bills etc.
  • Managing time and resourcing allocation for end-of-month and end of billing period reconciliations

Our payment solutions help you become more streamlined, secure and control of your organisation’s money flow. You are busy managing and growing your business – we can help you get your payments quicker and fully automate your payments flow.


Always stay in control of your payment flows with clear, automated visibility of all incoming & outgoing transactions.

  • Get paid & notified instantly every time a transaction is processed
  • Easy-to-navigate portal for clear visibility of statements & real-time call-back reports
  • Quick access to financial dashboards, user-access controls & search comprehensive reports
  • Even if tenants forget to use a billing reference number or put down an incorrect reference number, our solution will still notify you of the payment instantly and automatically reconcile your accounts.

  • With our solutions, having to spend time allocating or chasing rental payments will be a thing of the past


Our solutions are securely encrypted & built to protect your payment flows, as well as your organisation & customer data.

  • Our payments portal utilises advanced multi-factor authorisation helping to prevent fraud & adding an extra layer of security
  • Our secure API is built on trusted RESTful architecture
  • Screen incoming funds against a list of pre-approved accounts to help meet your KYC/AML obligations


We power the payments of some of the world's largest companies. Stability & uptime are key to our success and trust among our partners.

  • Our solutions are built to scale which allow us to handle even the largest flow of transactions
  • Protect yourself against industry outages by accessing multiple different payment methods through our platform
  • Local support & easy-to-use developer tools allow our solutions to seamlessly fit within your existing infrastructure

Cost Reduction

Our solutions allow for businesses to reduce time & costs reconciling transactions, allowing them to redeploy resources.

  • Receive & pay funds in real-time, 24/7, 365 days per year
  • Have funds clear & available immediately for you and your tenants/customers/partners
  • Real-time reporting automates your reconciliation without relying on error-prone lodgement references

Local support

Our solutions are supported by a local team of dedicated experts right here in Australia.

  • All of our technology is built & supported by our team based in North Sydney, NSW.
  • Once fully onboarded, you will be supported by your own dedicated support team members

We have a range of payment solutions tailored for use in real-estate and strata management – whether you are a small, medium or large organisation – we can scale to meet your needs.

If you would like to learn more about our end-to-end, Receive-Manage-Pay solutions please contact us below.




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