IWD Cracking the Code: Innovation for a gender equal future

March 6, 2023

The theme for this year's International Women's Day is "Cracking the Code: Innovation for a gender equal future". We asked a couple of our amazing team to share what this means to them, how we're achieving and embracing diversity in the workplace and reflect on their own experiences as women working in tech. Read their inspiring responses below ✨

Emily Zhang, Chief People Officer

How do we promote diversity at Monoova?

As Chief People Officer, for me it is about harnessing an environment in which everyone from a diverse background of beliefs, values and personas not only feel welcome BUT are encouraged to show empathy in welcoming others. At Monoova, it is part of our identity to go beyond to ensure that everyone is and feels equitably treated, from your day to day interactions with colleagues, to the way we recognise and remunerate our team. We’re new and just starting to walk – so we’re not perfect, but equity is at the core of our operating ethos.

Sarah Whiteacre, Product Manager

How can we encourage more women to pursue entrepreneurship or senior leadership roles in their career?

I think seeing other women in these roles and hearing about their perspective is really important. If you’re feeling unsure or lacking confidence to pursue something, seeing someone you relate to smashing goals can help to build confidence and inspire. Having a way to connect with women in entrepreneurship or senior leadership roles and hear firsthand about their successes and challenges can bolster confidence and drive in other women to achieve their career goals. Ensuring that female voices are heard at events like industry conferences and Meetups is a great way to generate these connections and foster learning and motivation. For example, I recently went to a Product Meetup and found the talks from women resonated differently with me, all the speakers were interesting and insightful but hearing from other women succeeding in Product was especially inspiring.

How have female mentors/role models influenced your career?

I find inspiring female role models and mentors in all aspects of my life. From friends who run their own businesses, to colleagues, and other women who I see online or in the media. I take inspiration and learnings from women everywhere. Seeing women work hard and succeed in so many different areas has really motivated me to push hard to succeed in the career paths I‘ve pursued. The conversations I’ve had with women throughout my career has helped to shape my growth. Whether it’s discussing my own challenges and getting their advice, or hearing about their experiences. I’m always learning from other women, and I love that.

Divya Gopinath, QA Engineer

Why do you think diversity in the workplace is so important? And how do we do that at Monoova?

Hiring and retaining a diverse cross-section of employees creates an inclusive workplace. Women are valuable assets to any organisation. Research has found that a diverse workplace boosts productivity and allows for a range of new ideas and processes. Promoting gender equality in the workplace which can increase the efficiency and harmony of an organisation considerably.

We’ve come a long way but more work can be done to embrace equity as women have struggled in traditionally male dominated areas due to a lack of support and appreciation. It’s important to have the right foundations in place to cater for an inclusive workplace. Things like flexible working hours or hybrid working arrangements and paid parental leave are important to attracting and retaining women in the workforce. Monoova offers 16 weeks paid parental leave and we regularly undergo training which I believe is a great start in promoting a diverse work environment.

Shen Yin, Head of Legal

What's the most valuable piece of advice you can pass on to anyone, especially women trying to establish their careers or anyone striving for gender equality?

Go for the opportunity (after balancing the risks) and be proactive in finding it.  If you are curious about exploring something, go for it.

Why do you think diversity in the workplace is so important?

It improves creativity and innovation, which is important for any growing business.  It fights unconscious biases, and adds diverse voices in your teams, which in turn helps to build better products and solutions.

Catherine Chan, Chief of Staff

How important is it to have male allies who may support women's progression?

SUPER IMPORTANT!! We work in a community. None of us is working in silos. We are all supporting each other in different ways. Male allies can lead by example and proactively exert influence to change behaviours not only in the workplace but in their own circles as well.

We are very lucky to have many supportive and accepting male colleagues in Monoova who step up when the situation arises regardless of their title or ranking. I really appreciate that and it is important to acknowledge the support of men that enables women to strive (and vice versa 😉).

What's the most valuable piece of advice you can pass on to anyone, especially women trying to establish their careers or anyone striving for gender equality?

To me, mindset is everything. If you don’t have the idea of inequality in your head, it doesn’t exist. If you have that idea in your head, you will find all sorts of evidence to prove you are right. I went to an all girls school where gender didn't factor into whether you were fit for a task or position, we were measured on ability and hard work, so it was actually eye opening for me when I got to university and learned how some people will disregard that entirely. So, choose wisely what you want to believe in and what you put your energy towards, as this will deeply impact your future.

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