Reconcile your payments instantly and automatically

Assign unique account numbers and PayIDs to every single one of your customers. This way, you know exactly who paid you.

Real-time receipt and reconciliation of funds

  • Using NPP rails to receive and pay funds in real time  
  • Funds clear immediately and are immediately available1
  • Monoova lets you know in real time that funds paid by a particular customer have been received
  • Each account number can be associated with a unique PayID
“We are confident that the dynamic team within Monoova will continue to impact the financial technology scene both locally and globally."

Dale Lim
Pacific Payments Specialist
1. Some financial institutions may have internal policies that may delay the processing of payments.

Instant payments with increased security

  • Our whitelisting feature allows you to create a list of pre-approved accounts to receive money to and from
  • Funds get rejected automatically if the source of funds is not on the pre-approved list
  • Know with certainty where money is coming from without accessing sensitive information
“No one can give you access to the payment rails like Monoova can. That makes Monoova unique."

Daniel Kniaz
CEO & Founder

Instant payments and easy reconciliation

No unreconciled transactions

By connecting to Monoova’s payments platform, you can generate a unique PayID and BSB and Account Number for all of your customers.

Simple reporting

With our source-account information feature, you will never wonder where funds came from.

Improve cashflow

Receive funds securely with our whitelisting feature and receive and pay out instantly.

Real-time receipt

Monoova receives payments in real time and reports to you in real time that funds paid by a particular customer have been received.

Immediate use of funds

Funds clear immediately and are immediately available to you. Unlike any other payment method, there is no waiting for funds.1

Generate unique PayIDs

Create easy to remember hassle-free personalised PAYIDs for every single customer.