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General enquiries 1300-656-157

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FX enquiries 1300 939 068

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PO BOX 301, North Sydney NSW 2059

Meet the Growth Team

Rosie Slaughter Growth Manager Monoova
Rosie Slaughter

Specialises in:
Payment service providers
SaaS/recurring billing 

Brooke Brindle Growth Manager at Monoova
Brooke Brindle

Specialises in:

David Grant Growth Manager at Monoova
David Grant

Specialises in:
Investment platforms
Sports betting/gaming

Kevin Naing Growth Manager at Monoova
Kevin Naing

Specialises in:

Ed Wiley

Specialises in:
Foreign Exchange
Trade finance

Ben Hiscox - FX
Ben Hiscox

Specialises in:
Foreign Exchange

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