Automate Direct Debits seamlessly

Simple and cost-effective way to collect recurring or one-off payments from your customers.

Get paid on time

  • We will direct debit your customers when you need. Your business logic decides
  • Get notified when a payment fails and plan your next steps
  • Our portal offers a large variety of payment functions, reporting options and exception handling

Improve cash flow by automating payments

  • Automate payments to get paid on time
  • We debit your customers whenever you instruct us using our APIs
  • With our API toolkit you can send direct debit instructions to your customer's bank directly
  • Use our easy-to-use Portal to manage dishonours and bounced transactions

Save time on admin by reducing payment failures

  • Get notified that the payment has bounced when a dishonour occurs
  • Set up APIs to retry direct debits when it fails the first time.
  • Simplify recurring payments safely and securely
  • Prevent data tampering by verifying the authenticity of every requests made by our webhooks

MPS: real-time direct debits and more

  • With Mandated Payments Service (MPS) you can debit your customers and get paid instantly
  • You can reach all NPP enabled accounts; you do not require additional arrangements with multiple financial institutions.
  • The MPS is flexible and supports many different payment initiation scenarios including scheduled, recurring payments, subscription services, ecommerce payments and many more
  • MPS gives control to your customers. They can digitally authorise/view/modify/manage the mandates they have given