Account Structure

What is the Sign-in mAccount?
The Primary mAccount is the main virtual account given to you to work on. Permissions are set by the Monoova team as part of your onboarding process. If you need to make changes, please contact the team. The Sign-in mAccount is your point of access to all our features.

What is an mWallet?
In our system, the mWallet is only used for making outbound BPAY transactions. You do not need to load the wallet. Funds just need to flow through the wallet when paying by BPAY. Since not all features support mWallets, we strongly recommend not building mWallets into any other payment flows.

What is an Automatcher account number?
Our Automatcher is a product that enables you to create large numbers of unique bank-account numbers which you can associate with individual customers of yours for when they need to pay you. They are neither virtual nor actual accounts. They are simply account numbers to help you reconcile incoming transactions.
All funds paid to Automatcher account numbers will clear in your Sign-in mAccount. We provide you with full reporting so you will know exactly how much was paid to which account number. Importantly, we also support the creation of PayIDs to be associated with the Automatcher account number.

Does it cost money to transfer between internal accounts?
No, there is no cost to transfer funds within our system. You can move funds from your Sign-in mAccount to sub mAccounts and from your Sign-in mAccount to another Sign-in mAccount (possibly belonging to another party using our platform for free.)

Are my funds safe with Monoova?
As part of our payment product, we are likely to receive funds from you and/or your customers. It might be that we are helping you reconcile incoming flows or supporting you with disbursements. At all times, funds are being dealt with in accordance with your instructions. Usually, the funds we hold are with us for only a brief period. Regardless of length of time, all funds are held in dedicated accounts that are separate from Monoova's own corporate funds. Should Monoova become insolvent, your funds would in effect be held on a resulting trust and would not be available for other creditors.

Is my account balance going to diminish as fees are deducted from the same account?
No, once you’ve gone live with us, you will be assigned a fee account which will tally up your fees. The total amount will be direct debited from your nominated bank account at the end of each month. Let us know if you would like to simulate this in your sandbox.


Can I recall any individual customer’s account history and balance via API for a given point in time?
No, Automatcher is a reconciliation tool with unique account numbers which you can provide to each of your customers to EFT funds to you via their banking portal. The unique account numbers do not settle into unique accounts whose balances you can query.
Instead, all funds end up in your Sign-in mAccount with full reporting via API and our portal. Regardless of whether customers entered the correct reference or data when they paid you, you still know exactly who paid you.

Suggested Integration

Notification/ Webhooks

How do I know if a payment has been received?
If you use Automatcher, we provide webhooks for incoming funds for both NPP and DE rails. You can subscribe to different webhooks in our API docs.

What if I missed a webhook?
You can ask us to resend a webhook by sending us the transaction ID. Details can be found in our API docs.

Timings for different services:

Incoming funds:

Direct Debit:

• T+2 business days


• Direct Entry: 7 times a day (every BECS window) on business days
• NPP Real-time


• In: 1-2 business days depending on banking partner

Outgoing funds:

Direct Debit:

• T+1 business days


• Real-time

BPAY out:

• T+1 business day

Exception handling

Are returns supported on all 3 rails? Yes:

1) Direct Entry
3) NPP (coming soon)
4) Cards

Direct Entry: You can see your dishonoured transactions for direct entry rail in our Portal.Webhooks for dishonoured transactions are coming soon.

a. Direct debit

Once you’ve sent your transaction, you can check the status of a transaction using this endpoint on our API docs.

The status of the transaction changes from “waiting on cleared funds” to “dishonoured” if the direct debit has been dishonoured. It takes 3 business days for direct debits to clear

b. Direct credit

Direct Credit will be T+2 generally before we get notified and update you with that the reason for the dishonour.

BPAY: Following BPAY procedures, this is a manual process handled by our Client Success team.

NPP: NPP transactions cannot be dishonoured but funds may still have to be returned up to 1.5 years after a transaction.

Transaction Limits

What is the maximum value Monoova can receive on a single transaction?

Direct Entry: There's no limit on Monoova's end
BPAY: There's no limit on Monoova's end; however there might be limit imposed on th payer's end
NPP: There's no limit on Monoova's end
Cards: There's no limit on Monoova's end

What is the maximum value Monoova can pay out on a single transaction?

Direct Credit: The lower of (1) the balance on your Sign-in mAccount and (2) the balance limit on your account
BPAY: The lower of (1) the balance on your Sign-in mAccount and (2) $50,000
NPP: Coming soon (Additional limits can be configured on request)

Use of API calls

Can you input multiple DD request in one API call?
Can you initiate multiple payouts in one API call?

Next step

1) Sign up to our developer portal and start having fun in sandbox.
2) Email our Support team (support@monoova.com) if you have any technical questions.
3) Email our Growth team (hello@monoova.com) if you would like to understand more about pricing and other non-technical matters.

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Why choose Monoova's API

Comprehensive API documentation

We provide different scenarios so that you know exactly what to expect.

Try and test in real time

You can try out all our features and functions in real time in our Developer Portal.

One easy integration

With one API integration you have the ability to use multiple payment methods such as NPP, BPAY and Direct Entry.


Build virtual account hierarchies to get bespoke reporting, reconciliation and much more.

Intelligent Automation

Manage all money flows automatically.

We’re Just Getting Started

Innovation is at the core of everything we do. We work hand in hand with our clients to develop what’s next.