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Our powerful API-enabled solutions automate account to account payments with ease, improving cashflow and reducing admin. Hassle-free, scalable payments start here at Monoova.

Automate, account funding, one-off or recurring payments

Monoova’s payment API can be tailored to how your business collects, settles and disburses funds

From real-time NPP payments using PayID and PayTo to traditional payment rails such as BPAY and direct entry and cards. We make collecting one-off or recurring payments simple and fast.


We're invested in your success which is why all our clients have a dedicated local support team that's always on hand to assist you.

What is PayTo

What is PayTo?

The new real-time alternative for direct debits, PayTo is changing the way Australians handle one-off and recurring payments. As one of the first payment service providers to go live with PayTo, Monoova have been delivering PayTo mandates for clients since February 2023.

With the majority of banks PayTo ready, now is the time to explore the future of payments for your business. Learn more.

Our story to date

We enable innovative, scaling businesses with large, ongoing transaction flows to manage all money flows automatically, through one simple API integration.


API calls per week

~7.5 Million

Account numbers generated through Automatcher

$115 Billion+

Processed in transaction to date

The world's best companies trust Monoova to power their payments

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"Without the API that Monoova provides, things like BPAY, direct debit, bank transfers, we would have to integrate and build all the componentry around it individually. With Monoova, we can just plug into 1 API and we can gain all that functionality. So there's a lot of cost saving in the go to market process for us rather than having to build all supporting infrastructure around those processes."

Tristan Dakin
Country Manager, Australia and New Zealand

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"Monoova is a critical part of our global collection, conversion and settlement platform for clients, providing the payments backbone for Australia within our broader banking syndicate. We see the Monoova team as an integral partner to how we deliver our services to the Australian market, which is more than just the API."

Jamahl Webster
Director, Head of Banking and Channels

How Monoova can help your business

Instant payments and automated reconciliation

Design payment flows specific to your needs

Automate real-time direct debits

Direct Debit solutions for your business.

Securely send bills, receive payments and pay your suppliers

Lightning fast payments with NPP

Instant payments and automated reconciliation

Design payment flows specific to your needs

Automate real-time direct debits

Direct Debit solutions for your business.

Securely send bills, receive payments and pay your suppliers

Lightning fast payments with NPP

7 Key features

Our security features

Our platform is securely encrypted & built to protect your business payment flows, as well as your organisation & customer data.

  • Our payments portal utilises advanced multi-factor authorisation helping to prevent fraud & adding an extra layer of security

  • Our secure API is built on trusted RESTful architecture

  • We operate under an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL)

  • We securely handle over $3 Billion in transactions per month

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Cost reduction so you can redeploy

Our solutions allow for businesses to reduce time & costs reconciling transactions, allowing them to redeploy resources.

  • Receive & pay funds in real time

  • Have funds clear & available immediately

  • Real-time reporting automates your reconciliation without relying on error-prone lodgement references

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Scalability to support your Growth

Our solutions are scalable, adaptable & automatic solutions to meet all your current & future payment requirements.

  • Automatically receive, manage & pay funds in AUD in Australia 

  • Reduce the cost, risk & effort associated with managing complex money movements so that you can focus on growth

  • All information flows are in real-time

  • Move money in real-time, or in batches via direct entry & BPAY rails

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Stability to keep your Business Moving

We power the payments of some of the world's most visionary companies. Stability & uptime are key to our success and trust among our partners.

  • Our platform & other solutions are built to scale which allow us to handle even the largest flow of transactions

  • Protect yourself against industry outages by accessing multiple different payment rails through our platform

  • Local support & easy-to-use developer tools allow our solutions to seamlessly fit within your existing infrastructure

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Control Your Money Flow

Always stay in control of your payment flows with clear, automated visibility of all incoming & outgoing transactions.

  • Get paid & notified instantly every time a transaction is processed

  • Easy-to-navigate portal for clear visibility of statements & real-time call-back reports

  • Quick access to financial dashboards, user-access controls & search comprehensive reports

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Future Proof Your Organisation

Our state-of-the-art payment solutions grow & evolve as your organisation expands.

  • Our company is built on innovation

  • We work with you to review & develop our products to suit your needs

  • Our solutions allow for easy customisable payment flows, ensuring even the most complex business requirements are handled – not just now but also in the future

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Supported Locally

Our market leading payment solutions are supported by a local team of dedicated experts right here in Australia.

  • All of our technology is built & supported by our team in North Sydney, NSW.

  • Once fully onboarded, you will be supported by your own dedicated specialist technical support team, complete with their direct lines and emails.

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