How Instarem unlocks growth & efficiencies with Monoova

March 6, 2024

“We're all about real-time payments globally. Monoova really helps us be able to collect those funds from where customers are sending those funds in a transparent and very instant manner, gives us complete access to the NPP, as well as help disperse those funds on behalf of inbound transactions into Australia as well.”

Michael Minassian, VP & Regional Head of Instarem, APAC, NIUM

Founded in 2015 and headquatered in Singapore, Instarem enables customers to securely and conveniently remit and collect money all around the world – with over 60 different countries for individuals and for small business nearly 200 countries. Faced with operational challenges such as delayed payments, manual reconciliation and costly card processing fees, Instarem turned to Monoova to provide a seamless solution for their business needs.

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The results

  • Over 90% of payments are going through PayID
  •  Reduced transactions times from 1-2 business days to real-time with NPP
  • Virtual account creation and instant reconciliation of transactions have enabled substantial cost and resource savings for their back office
  • Simple integration compared to previous providers

Unlocking real-time payments

With Monoova, Instarem gained access to the New Payments Platform (NPP) for real-time payments for both collection and disbursement of funds which has been a gamechanger for their business.

Instarem is seeing over 90% of customer payments going through PayID. PayID provides an easier way for customers to send and receive money, removing the need to use lengthy BSB and account numbers, and has seen increased adoption in recent years.

Transactions are tracked through instant push notifications via API providing greater transparency in the payments process for both Instarem and their customers.

Saving hours and resources with instant reconciliation

Monoova’s ability to create unlimited virtual accounts to customers alongside instant reconciliation of those accounts has resulted in productivity and efficiency gains for Instarem.

“The efficiencies we've been able to have in our back office in terms of reconciliation when funds come in, to allocate those two accounts for the oversight and screening that we're able to do, allow us to really reduce the lot of costs in our back office, but more importantly, get funds.”

Collaborative approach to compliance

“Monoova understands our business and businesses like us. They really came to work with us to understand what controls we have in place and we're proud of our compliance record. We're really proud of the fact that we're able to protect our customers' funds and we're compliant in over 40 different countries globally. I think the collaboration we've had with Monoova on the compliance front has also been a real added value of this relationship.”

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