How Rello streamlines its operations with Monoova's payments platform

April 15, 2024

“Since deploying Monoova’s services on our hero product, RelloPay, we saw in the first month an 11 % increase in transaction volume through the platform. That volume of transactions simply wouldn't have existed on a platform without these services.”

Christiaan Lok, CTO, Rello, shares how their partnership with Monoova has enabled Rello to scale their operations whilst achieving significant time and cost savings.

Rello/FlipPay is a cloud-based payments and financing platform with a mission to revolutionise payments in the real estate industry in Australia. When Rello were choosing a payments automation provider they felt a real affinity with Monoova. “Really great people who were accessible and engaging for us, knew the product, knew the landscape and could advise us on how best to use those services,” explains Christiaan.

The results

  • An 11 % increase in transaction volume through the platform in the first month
  • Saved 2 FTE spent on manual reconciliation, now focused on customer support
  • Powerful payments automation through the entire Rello platform

Watch the case study below:

Why Choose Monoova?

“We just find the Monoova service simple. I can access a simple API that executes something that's actually quite powerful.”

Our payments API enables clients to integrate to all main domestic payment rails, from real-time to traditional payment methods, alongside our advanced reconciliation features.

Significant time and resource savings

By leveraging Monoova’s services, Rello has been able to create new services and expand their offerings for their merchants. Christiaan emphasizes, “We've seen our revenue increase and our transaction volume increase, and on the back office side of things, for our merchants, we see a measurable improvement in the amount of effort and time that takes them to process payments.”

Automated reconciliation

"We saved 2 FTE - at least 50% of their time was spent on reconciliation. Now they can focus on customer support. It's dramatic for a small team."

Christiaan explains how Monoova’s advanced reconciliation tools has enabled Rello to automate their finance operations and improve speed of transactions. “Because of the data and the services that we can access via Monoova, it just allows us to speed these things through an automated fashion. Much better for speed, much better for cost, keeps us compliant, keeps the risk guys happy.”

Customer Service

With Monoova, Rello is able to connect with a dedicated team of experts based in North Sydney to provide tailored assistance with their payment processes. “You guys know the industry, you know the product, but you're accessible. Very positive, knowledgeable people who are available and engaging. That's what I'm looking for in my partners. Our journey is all about scale.”

If you'd like to learn more about our payment solutions, get in touch with one of our team today.


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