Talking Business with Alan Kohler

December 2, 2019

July 7, 2022

Qantas Radio

Head of Monoova, Christian Westerlind Wigstrom talks to Alan Kohler on the Qantas Podcast.
Christian has worked as a speech writer and economic advisor in the House of Lords. Was ‘Chief of Staff and Markets’ at an agriculture and renewable-energy company in Zimbabwe. Has consulted for firms in Iraq, Sweden, the US and the UK. Holds numerous degrees including a PhD in International Relations from Oxford. Head of end-to-end payments provider Monoova, Christian has some interesting opinions around what the future of payments will look like over the next decade. In fact, even though we are transacting more than ever, he believes payments will completely vanish from the world’s advanced economies by 2030. Monoova services businesses through their entire payments cycle, end-to-end. Through a single API integration, clients get access to a fully automated way of receiving, managing and paying funds. Also discusses how Monoova is doing loads of exciting things including recently becoming one of a very small group of non-banks to be enabled on the New Payments Platform (NPP). Listen now!