New features on our latest release

July 7, 2022

In these unprecedented times, we understand that there can be so many uncertainties. There’s one thing that we are certain about; the Monoova team is still working, providing you with new releases and new features. These are the new features we have released in March:

Direct debit for Automatcher accounts
The capability to set Automatcher accounts to be direct debitable.

Due to the cumbersome nature of the banking structure, it can take a while for a user to instruct their bank to cancel a direct debit request. Or it might take too long to enable one. We have made the “direct debit” feature easier and speedier for your users.
These Automatcher accounts are by default not direct debitable.

If you would like them to accept debits, you can contact our team to enable this feature for you.

This feature allows you and your users to accept/reject a direct debit upon request. You have until 4:00pm next business day (from the time the initial debit is received) to instruct us on what action to take; either accept or reject. If no action is taken, the transaction will be placed into a pending status until expiry next business day at 4pm.

For expiring transactions, the direct debit request will automatically be actioned based on your account default configuration. You can also set these accounts to accept/ reject direct debit by default.

This feature comes with webhook and full reporting, for more information, please refer to our API DOC.

Webhooks for incoming funds via direct entry
At the moment, you can only get a webhook for incoming NPP transactions. With this new webhook, you will be notified when the batch comes in via direct entry, so that you don’t have to pull the reporting endpoint on an ongoing basis. You can subscribe to this webhook here.

Security token for callbacks
We understand that security is important to you!
As of today, you can opt to send us a security token in the callback if you wish to. More details can be found here.

If you would like to enquire pricing, our Growth Managers are here to assist you, please email us at
If you would like to implement the above features or understand more about them and how they can enrich your product, please email us at