Monoova PayTo API Sandbox

To get set up for integration and testing with the Monoova PayTo APIs you need to register in the Monoova Developer Portal to gain access to our sandbox environment. Please follow the below steps to register for PayTo and we will be in touch.

How to Access the PayTo Sandbox

  • Register for our developer portal

  • Once registered and logged in, navigate to Manage > Payto and input your API Key to activate PayTo for your mAccount (If you do not know your API Key you will need to roll a new one, this can be done by navigating to Manage > Accounts)

  • PayTo requires some configuration prior to use, a member of our integration team will reach out to onboard and confirm access as soon as possible.

  • For any assistance registering, please Contact us

Navigate to PayTo Config

Registering PayTo for the first time PayTo please go to Manage -> PayTo

Configure API key for PayTo

If you know your existing API key, please enter here and save it. If you do not know your API key then please roll it first, go to Manage > Accounts > click on “ROLL APIKEY” button to get a new API key.

Note: Rolling API key can break your existing sandbox integration work so please ensure you update your rolled API key to your existing configuration.

This will link your account to PayTo and send us a notification, we will start processing your request and configuring your account. Once we have completed the setup, we’ll be in touch with you to confirm and advise next steps for you to start testing and begin integration.

Meanwhile please review the API documentation link and select the Monoova PayTo API tab for more details on PayTo integration.