FinTech Australia announces new board appointment

December 1, 2022

Monoova’s co-founder and CEO, Christian Westerlind Wigstrom,has been elected to FinTech Australia’s board. Christian said “For more than five years, I have been a beneficiary of the amazing work of Fintech Australia. Joining the Fintech Australia Board means that I'm given a direct way to contribute to this work. I'm really excited about this opportunity."

The organisation also confirmed the role of several existing board members:

- Simone Joyce, CEO and founder of Paypa Plane, remains as Chair

- Oliver Kidd, founder and CEO of Archa, will become the board’s Secretary.

- Marie Mortimer, managing director of and director of FinTech QLD, will serve as Treasurer

They join the current board members:

- Dominic Pym, Co-founder of Up and Co-founder and Director of Euphemia

- Cathryn Lyall, Co-founder, Seed Money Australia and Seismic Foundry

- Michael Saadat, Head of International Public Policy at Block

- Harry Godber, FinTech Australia and Head of Strategy at Flare

As part of the shift, Nathan Walsh, Paul Kang and Robin Sands have rolled off the board, having served their electoral term.

FinTech Australia Chair Simone Joyce said: “With these shifts, FinTech Australia’s board is well-positioned to address what will be another interesting year of challenges and growth for the sector. Christian is a well-known and respected figure within the fintech community, we’re glad to have his expertise guiding the organisation”.

Rehan, D'Almeida, General Manager of FinTech Australia added: “Regular adjustments to our board is one of many ways in which FinTech Australia ensures its best serving the interests of its members.”

“I also want to thank Nathan, Paul and Robin for their contributions over the years. All three have offered

invaluable advice over the years that have helped grow FinTech Australia and ensure its impact is maximised.”


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