Making Augmented Reality a Reality

September 15, 2019

July 7, 2022

Customer Spotlight: Zukaz

Moonova is delighted to be providing the payments infrastructure for Zukaz. We are fortunate to be the payments engine behind a diverse range of innovative companies, but Zukaz must be one of the most the most fun to date. Zukaz seeks to revolutionise the marketing industry by bringing consumers and businesses together through the power of augmented reality.

With Zukaz, consumers are actively hunting and looking for ads instead of blocking and avoiding them. AR keeps consumers excited and engaged, while localised voucher drops allow merchants to directly target the people that are interested in their products. As for merchants, there is zero upfront cost to be on Zukaz and zero marketing budgets wasted for high consumer engagement.

Vouchers can be traded in a marketplace and then redeemed in store. Imagine a combination of Groupon, Pokemon Go and eBay. Find out more at

Monoova’s virtual accounts facilitate an automatically reconciled, API-driven, real-time marketplace where users can buy or sell vouchers.

Once a hunter sells their voucher to another user, funds are either transferred to their bank account or left with Zukaz to purchase other vouchers in future. Managing payments shouldn’t slow you down, Monoova’s payments API enables Zukaz to scale seamlessly.