PayTo will lift your customer experience by revolutionising how you handle payments.

Speed, convenience and efficiency are among the most important elements of a great customer experience. With PayTo you can achieve, secure, real-time, reliable payments that not only help your business run more smoothly but also brings those CX goals to life.

PayTo, convenience for your customers

PayTo gives control and security to the consumer over debits made from their bank account. The result is less uncertainty for both your business and your customer as each party knows the status of digital agreements at bank level.

  • Easily access payment agreements

    your customers can view and manage their digital agreements, all from their bank account.

  • Fast, simple, payment set up

    By choosing to use your PayID or BSB and account number, setting up payments becomes a simple task removing the need for extensive debit form completion and less room for entry error.

  • Personalised PayID's

    Convenience for customers with user friendly, personalised PayID’s instead of lengthy 16 digit credit card numbers.

PayTo, a smart move for businesses

Merchants and businesses alike can improve cashflow with the real-time, secure and data rich features PayTo brings.

  • Real-time account validation

    When a digital PayTo agreement is created, the details of the account are instantly verified ensuring any entry error is realised up-front, rather than waiting until the time of the scheduled payment to discover that the debit cannot be made.

  • Real-time funds verification

    Before a debit or payment is attempted, the account balance is checked in real-time, ensuring no bounced transactions saving time and effort on discovery and recovery of dishonours.

  • Immediate reconciliation

    PayTo agreements contain information and data that support easy reconciliation, reducing the number of unidentified payments and saving on administration time.

  • Instant notifications

    When a PayTo agreement is paused, changed or cancelled you will be notified instantly, giving you the ability to act quickly and maintain a strong customer relationship.

  • Simple process

    Supported by a simple API to deliver a seamless, streamlined, end to end payment process - both when you want it and when your customers use it.

  • Cost-effective

    With no dishonour charges or admin, and a flat fee structure, PayTo could deliver significant cost savings to your business, particularly on high value transactions.

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