Monoova partners with Primer to provide flexible digital payments

May 9, 2023

Last week we announced that Monoova have joined forces with Primer to incorporate both PayTo and PayID into their commerce and payments automation platform. The move provides Primer’s global customers, with operations in Australia, access to New Payment Platform’s real-time payment method. Spearheaded by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), PayTo is set to transform the management of direct debits in Australia.

Christian Westerlind Wigstrom, Monoova CEO and Co-Founder, said: “This really is very exciting! As one of the first payment initiators to switch on PayTo, we’re delighted to bring that product to a wider audience. Working with Primer, we’re making the speed, security and automation of PayTo and PayID available to even more Australian based businesses as part of their standard checkout options.”

Not only that but, in the near future, the partnership will also enable Monoova’s customers access to more digital payment options, including Apple and Google Pay through Primer. Clients of Monoova will be able to capture more transactions, providing additional secure checkout options across more payment methods.

By 2025, digital wallets are expected to be the main payment method for Australian consumers, making it essential for businesses to have a broad range of payment options to increase their growth. Christian also stated: “This partnership will not only support our clients to grow and success with improved cash flow efficiencies and instant 24/7 settlement, it will also give them access to a broader range of digital payment options.”

At Monoova, we specialise in automating high volume payments across multiple payment rails. For years we’ve made sophisticated payment methods available to technology platforms, the partnership with Primer is valuable addition to our commitment to providing the best solutions for our clients here in Australia and overseas.

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